The New Year

I can’t say that I’m sad 2013 is in the past. To be completely honest, it was a little rough. I continued in grad school, worked full time, had a number of close friends move away, and dealt with the first major death in my family. And if I’m completely honest, this was the first year I’ve become overwhelmingly aware that my life is drastically different from some of the people I grew up with. (#FirstWorldProblems… I know)

But 2013 wasn’t all bad. I have a loving family. I have my health. I became better friends with a few grad school ladies I met the previous summer and I started dating a really awesome guy. I even moved into a house with a group of pretty cool people. So in the grand scheme of things, I have very few complaints.

But seriously, by October, I was more than ready to bring on 2014!

For New Year’s Eve this year, The Boyfriend and I were a little uncertain of how we wanted to celebrate and we ended up in Market’s Square with about a thousand other people.





I don’t know if I would do Market’s Square again in the future, I mean, they literally had a crane dropping a ball of lights mimicking the New York ball drop, only it wasn’t at all timed. It started down at like a minute and a half left to go and was forced to suuuuuper slow down by the end. Amusing once, yes. Something I think I want to see every year, maybe not.

Maybe some year I’ll make it to NYE and see the real thing.


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