Top Ten: Things I Wanted to be when I Grew Up

You are probably well aware that I am currently in my last semester of getting my master’s degree in Information Science. BUT it took me a while to get to here. Here are a few of the things I wanted to be while growing up.


10. Ballerina

I think this is quite possibly a standard among young girls that take ballet.


9. Musician

Another standard. I was fairly certain I was going to join a band and become famous. Duh.


8. Movie Director

This was short lived. As a teenager I loved putting together little movie clips with my friends. We didn’t make anything really worth showing the world but we had a lot of fun.


7. Journalist

I went through a period where I really thought I wanted to be a reporter. NOT making the High School Journalism/ Year Book class really killed that dream. Thanks Sequoyah, you dream crusher, you. I still hold a grudge.


6. Marine Biologist

I think this is the first “serious” career I wanted. It started around middle school and I loved water and animals so I guess I thought they went well together. Only, it didn’t stick. Science is not my forte.


5. Writer

I must admit, some small part of me thinks I’m going to publish the next great American novel.


4. Actress

I did a lot of acting growing up and it was always something I thought I was good at. I won the drama award in high school twice, but I didn’t think I had the luck or the look to do anything substantial. A drama teacher was certainly not something I wanted to be.


3. Meteorologist

This was my high school dream. If I couldn’t be an actress at least I would be on tv. Weather always intrigued me. I was that kid that, during the tornado watch, would go outside and watch the sky turn green (ok, maybe that was stupidity).


2. Psychologist/ Therapist

Oh college. This was a whim for a while. I was a psychology major and thought I was pretty good at counseling. Only, this was another career path that would take significantly more education and I wasn’t sure I wanted to invest so much time.


1. Lawyer

I wanted to be a lawyer probably the longest. I loved arguing when I was a kid, and I pride myself in being a very logical person with decent writing skills. So, naturally, this was on my radar.




  1. We did have a hell of a time making those movies! Funny timing, actually… I just got the ‘ole tapes out last night for the first time in years. I plan to burn them to dvds. Gotta preserve that hstory! 🙂

    Oh, and I totally think you’ll write the next great novel. Really, I do. Go for it!

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