Tennessee- SJR 127

This is a really opinionated post, so feel free to stop reading now. I might have a post like this every so often but I don’t intend to make political issues a major part of this blog.


This year, when you vote in Tennessee, you will also be voting for SJR 127- Abortion Specifics. Currently, in Tennessee, you have a fundamental right to an abortion. This resolution will change Tennessee’s Constitution to allow politicians (NOT doctors or medical personnel) the ability to enact restrictions on women if they want an abortion.


One really important thing you need to note about this potential change is that it gives absolutely zero protection to women whose pregnancies result from rape, incest, or whose life is endangered by the pregnancy. This resolution completely takes away the fundamental right to an abortion in this state. Voting for SJR 127 opens up the possibility for laws to pass that make it near impossible to obtain an abortion (or potentially outlaw the procedure altogether) even in these circumstances.


I know there are a lot of reasons people are against abortion. And it is important to realize that these are PERSONAL reasons. Maybe you are religious. Maybe you simply consider birth to begin at conception. You have a right to act on these beliefs and no one should take away these rights from you. However, these are beliefs that you have determined are right to you as an individual. They are an opinion. Would you want someone imposing their beliefs/opinions on you? Of course not.


In this same vein, there are a lot of reasons someone would want an abortion. For example, maybe the woman has cancer and in order to receive chemo she needs to have an abortion? What if she can’t obtain an abortion quickly enough due to delays and clinics closing because of new laws? Or what if fetus personhood laws go into effect? That would give the fetus a ‘right-to-life’ and she would be unable to terminate the pregnancy OR have lifesaving treatment. Shouldn’t this incredibly difficult decision be left up to the woman and her family alone?


I, myself, am not sure I would ever be able to have an abortion, especially at this stage in my life. BUT I fully believe that everyone should have the right to choose what they want for themselves. If you don’t want an abortion, don’t have one. Simple. However, I see a real problem with taking away a woman and her family’s choice all together.


I honestly don’t understand why a stranger should have the ability to make these decisions for me. My health and what I do with my body should not be determined by my government.


Please take the time to read all the information. Even if you don’t agree with me it is important to be informed. Your vote will make a major impact in one way or another.


Senate Joint resolution 127



How your congressman voted



Planned Parenthood Statement



Rolling Stone- The Stealth War on Abortion


Well… I guess we’ll see if I get harassed for posting this.


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