Tales of a Brand New L.A. Resident

For a while I’ve contemplated the new beginnings of a blog dedicated mostly to my experiences as a brand new Los Angeles transplant. However, as I live in the West Hollywood area, it took me a while to get past the, “Everyone’s so fit!” and “Why is everything so expensive?” stage. Well, as classic LA stereotypes, I didn’t have the urge to write about those just yet.

One thing P and I have decided to do as noobs, is try to do a couple tourist activities every month. We figured we have about a year to get them out of our system. And frankly, it would be great research for people who visit, as we would have first-hand knowledge of what is worth seeing/doing and what isn’t (Hint hint!).

I’ve also been hesitant to start this blog while planning a wedding. In addition to the normal stress that goes into putting together such an event, going out in L.A. IS expensive and we’re trying to save money. So, generally, the stuff we’ve been trying has either been free or found on a discount website. T’was a surprise, but Amazon Local has been a huge find for us.

So… here goes.


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