Top 10 Things I Miss from Tennessee

Since moving from Knoxville to Los Angeles, I’ve certainly experienced my fair share of homesickness. While I love my new city (hey, I can lettuce wrap anything, my electric bill is about $35 per month, and buy any alcohol on Sunday!), it’s clear that some things are just better in Tennessee.

  1. Nice people

I’ve yet to experience someone being rude to me, specifically (if I’m not counting the idiot that yelled out his truck window to tell me that he hated my dog while I was walking her), but there are a lot of vocal jerks. It’s a fairly common occurrence to see someone bellowing into their phone or giving a complete stranger a piece of their mind.

  1. Measuring distance in miles instead of minutes

Depending on the direction you’re going and the time of day, going just a few miles can take half an hour. Knowing something is 20 miles away can be daunting.

  1. Leaving the poop

I hate picking up my dog’s poop. I understand why the law exists but I don’t have to like it. Carrying around that little warm baggie grosses me the hell out. (Or at least give me a place to throw it away!)

  1. Sweet tea

I need to buy a pitcher so I can start making my own.

  1. Turn lights

Turning left it is probably one of the most terrifying things in L.A. as it mostly consists of a social contract among Angelinos. When your light turns red, you turn left and pray that the oncoming traffic gives you a minute to get out of the way.

  1. Free shopping bags

It is 10 cents for every bag you get at any store. Those suckers aren’t free here.

  1. Breathing

Evie and I are both allergic to something out here. While I never dealt with allergies in Knoxville (shocker, I know), I’m definitely susceptible to something in L.A. I dislike the itchy eyes and my morning sore throat. Plus, Evie hasn’t stopped sneezing since we got off the 10.

  1. Parking

Not only is parking a struggle when you’re out and about (think expensive garages, sparse metered parking, and valet-only lots) but parking at home can be a pain, too. Each neighborhood has a district tag ( that you pay for either annually or quarterly) and you can only park in your specific area in the evenings and on weekends. Additionally, you have to move your car around at least once per week for street cleaning or get a ticket ($70 lost… already happened).

  1. Lack of honking

In Tennessee, no one honks. And if someone does, it’s because something terrible is happening. In L.A. the general population is honk-happy. It gives me a headache. There are so many great outdoor things to do in L.A. but the mood is always ruined by obnoxious people in cars.

  1. Fast food BBQ places.

I miss quick BBQ so much. What I wouldn’t give for a freakin Buddies Bar-B-Q.


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