Story Time

For one of my latest assignments I have been required to keep a ‘story journal’. The idea is that we look for stories (folk or fairy tales, etc.) write up a summery, find the ‘bones’ of the story, and explain how we would adapt them for different audiences. This has been a bit of a challenge for me as, while I love playing the actress, I’m not really a fan of being the person deciding what to perform. I’ve never been particularly great in front of a group if I’m required to ‘act’ as myself. I do much better as some assigned character. There is just something very telling and personal about an individual in what they choose. Plus, improv has never been my strong suit.

This class is originally supposed to be for library students going into school or children’s libraries, which is one area I have absolutely zero interest. I tend to lean more toward non-fiction drama, local native stories, and things that tend to be creepy.

So I guess this is me asking if anyone has read any good short stories that could be told aloud by a single individual. I’m completely open to ideas or genres.